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The 'Magic Hat' Origin Story

I grew up with a camping box and didn't realize the asset I had ....until I watched a hilarious scene unfold with friends and their GIANT and/or multiple PLASTIC BINS. 😂

My friends (let's call them Case Study A) took the WHOLE DAY off just to prep. They stopped on their way to the campground to restock their camping bins because they weren't sure what they had (or didn't have!), and got there early to have plenty of time just to set up camp.

I got off work late, arrived just before dusk, and my friends were shocked that all I had with me was my little camping box, my food, a tent and a sleeping bag. 🏕️ They figured I would be borrowing from them all weekend. Ha!

Within minutes, my tent was set up and I’m sitting by the fire, as my friends are still rummaging through their car hunting for things.... their feet and arms hanging out of the car as they searched through giant Christmas size PLASTIC BINS, and all the PLASTIC BAGS they had just purchased, car filled to the brim! 😲

“Where is the cutting board?!?!” I hear a muffled voice from inside the car yell.

"I have one right here," I say, as I pull the cutting board out of my box. 

"Well, what about a knife? ...or plates? ...or spices?" they ask with their feet hanging out of the car.  "Yes, yes, yes. All right here too!" I respond. 

They literally stopped, eyes wide, turned to me and stared. They hadn't found a single thing they were looking for. 👀

This 'magic hat' experience continued all weekend long, with my friends joking every time they couldn't believe how many things I pulled out of my tiny camping box! 🐇🎩



Thankfully, I know first-hand you do not need a driveway full of stuff to go camping, but rather, can carry only the essentials. Reusable, minimal... and sustainable too.  🌲💪♻️

-Camp Director Bailey