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Do you go outside? ...then the CampIt is for you.

 Man Walking in mountains with forest and river in background carrying a compact reusable Camping Kit, the CampIt


  • Minimizes the prep and mental load needed to get outside
  • Saves time and is ready at a moment's notice (no more FOMO!)
  • Saves money with reusable gear
  • Keeps INCLUDED gear organized in organic, space-saving box!
  • Improves confidence and preparedness for the great outdoors!
  • Reduces your eco-footprint with quality, durable sustainable materials!
  • Minimizes the repurchase, again and again, of single-use, disposable products
  • Provides peace of mind.


  • Portable size (16"x13"x11")
  • OVER 40 pieces of reusable gear
  • Only 23 pounds
  • Minimal Footprint (1.44sf or 1.3cu ft)
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Organized with Graphic Instructions