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We hate buzzwords. What do 'Compact' and 'Portable' even mean anymore? So overused and boring, they no longer describe POWER an efficient solution can give you. That handy little cell phone that fits nicely in your pocket? That is power. That ability to go anywhere with minimal effort? Pretty priceless.


Rather than business jargon required for corporate meetings and metrics, want something you can remember instead?  ....How about; "literally the size of a bankers box"! Or "smaller than your last pizza order"! 

Thats right, those small boxes you see around an office, that is the size of our beloved CampIt. 🗃️ So yes, the ability to go anywhere with minimal effort? CampIt gives you that super power too.

Talk about buzzwords! Now that's something you can bring up at your next sales meeting;

  • INVESTING in QUALITY camping equipment,
  • experiencing firsthand how this tiny little bankers box saved you so much time, money and space,
  • seeing, touching and feeling the VALUE with your own hands, and 
  • getting a great ROI with one convenient, walk-out-the-door-like-you're-leaving-the-office kit.

Save the buzzwords and the brain power for your next corporate meeting, and make getting outside easy. 💪


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