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It’s never too late to make smart sustainable choices to enhance your camping experience. CampIt’s commitment to more sustainable life experiences is what we’re all about! Check out the sustainable details that help make a difference. 


Rechargeable tools eliminate the need for batteries that corrode and soak into soil and contaminate groundwater. The CampIt boasts a rechargeable electric lighter, a collapsible solar powered AND rechargeable LED lantern, and a pair of rechargeable LED headlamps (thats 2 headlamps people!)! 


Reusable dinnerware and cutlery eliminate the use for single use products. According tostatistics 219.73 million Americans used disposable cups and plates in the year 2020 alone! The CampIt uses compostable wheatstraw plates, cups and bowls, and our custom utensil pouch includes adult sized wood and stainless steel utensils.  Mother Nature will thank you. 


Sustainable camping is effective and easy.  So, save your wallet AND Mother Nature and stop buying disposable. Little changes can make a big difference!


~Camp Counselor Nessa

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